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Condo Manager - The HOA/Condo Accounting and Management Software SolutionCondo Manager - The HOA/Condo Accounting and Management Software Solution

Condo Manager Pro is the complete solution to manage an unlimited number of corporations.

Built for and by condominium corporation managers, Condo Manager was conceived to maximize automation and make condo managers more productive.

Main Features:

  • Fully integrated accrual accounting and management software for condominium corporations;
  • Manage an unlimited number of units and corporations;
  • Complete owner, tenant, committee, vendor, unit and corporation profiles;
  • Invoice common charges automatically with one click of the mouse ;
  • Collect owners' payments fast with a, lockbox processing, ACH (electronic) payments or via Internet (credit card or ACH);
  • Pay suppliers' invoices with direct deposit;
  • Print checks directly from Condo Manager with MICR line and digital signature;
  • Print deposit slips directly from Condo Manager with no others needed;
  • Easy bank reconciliation (unlimited number of bank accounts);
  • Integrated word processor with automatic owner data merging and over 40 already built-in letter templates;
  • Email or print owners' statement with owners' preferences;
  • Easily customize your financial statements with a WISIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) interface;
  • Hypertext links in all screens enabling you to navigate among them like you do on the Web;
  • Full history of communication for each account including letters, emails and phone calls;
  • Print payment coupons directly from Condo Manager or use the integrated exporting function to produce a file for an external printer;
  • Payable lockbox integration;
  • Over 400 high quality reports that can be exported to Excel ™, Word ™ or PDF and sent by email;
  • Multi-Corporation Processing for financials, reports, labels and searches;
  • And much more...

Additional Services

  • Web Site service access your data from anywhere in the world via Internet;
  • Web backup service automatic and secure, making sure your precious data are always available.


Optional Modules

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Condo Manager PRO is our solution designed specifically for managing condo corporations. Condo Manager's cutting edge technology will help your company work efficiently and deliver the best possible service to your clients.


Condo Manager PRO+ is our premier full service solution for condo corporations and management companies. PRO+ contains a full accounting system as well as all of the tools needed to manage your associations.


Condo Manager LIVE gives you all the power and features of Condo Manager at your fingertips... ANYTIME ... ANYWHERE! Access Condo Manager LIVE from any PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet device. All you need is an Internet connection!