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A Checklist for Starting a Condo Management Business

In the case of starting a condo management business specifically, there are additional considerations that the entrepreneur needs to factor in to ensure the business starts up as smoothly as possible. We explore some items that must be included in any checklist when starting a condo management business.

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Living in Isolation in a Condo During the Pandemic

Staying in a small condo unit in isolation has brought about a lifestyle adjustment for many. Here are some of them.

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The Easing of Coronavirus Restrictions in Condos

The challenge of safely easing restrictions and ensuring proactive measures is a challenge that is shared by property managers and boards in condos. Most notably, common areas and amenities will be a focus as the world attempts to get back to normalcy.

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The Risks in Condos of an Economic Downturn

In this post, we examine some of the aspects of condos that have been directly affected by the economic crisis brought upon by the pandemic.

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How Payments to Condo Vendors Can Adjust to Social Distancing

In this entry, we take a look at how a more specific aspect of managing a condo may become forever altered. With social distancing becoming the norm and with in-person contact greatly minimized going forward, we explore how payments to vendors and suppliers will change.

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5 Tips on Working from Home for Property Managers and How Condo Manager Live Can Help

In this post, we explore 5 ways for property managers to be successful while working from home.

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