The benefits of using Condo Manager

The most
advanced solution for a
management revolution

Designed, tested and fine-tuned year after year by property managers
for property managers, Condo Manager offers a powerful and comprehensive
solution that combines advanced accounting functions with practical
management and communication tools. In short, Condo Manager will
revolutionize the way you work. And you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Discover the key benefits that have made
Condo Manager our clients’ No. 1 management tool!

As powerful as it is easy to use

For more than 25 years, Condo Manager has been continuously optimized and updated by a team of experienced developers with a view to meeting the real needs of property managers. You benefit from a powerful, cutting-edge tool that increases your effectiveness every day while simplifying your tasks as much as possible.

Advanced, fully integrated accounting

Accounts receivable/payable, recurring transactions, closing periods, bank reconciliation... Condo Manager has been designed as an advanced accounting solution. And over the years our software has adapted to our clients’ additional needs with various management and communication tools. Say goodbye to all those multiple programs. Condo Manager combines all the functions you need in your day-to-day tasks. It’s the simple, effective and powerful solution you’ve been waiting for!

Unlimited number of units and corporations

You read correctly. Unlimited. While others restrict the number of “portals” and corporations, Condo Manager has no limits, not even for the number of additional addresses owners can be assigned on the mailing list to receive statements, letters and emails. In fact, we’ve designed our software to evolve with you over the years even if your needs multiply tenfold. This can be a major advantage over time.

The ultimate solution for automating tasks

Condo Manager was designed to make your job easier. Period. We’ve automated as many routine tasks as possible, so you can spend your time on more important matters. Let Condo Manager pay and file invoices; generate reports and account statements; handle transaction groups; create, print or send complete financial statements by email; generate task reminders; and more. The software is designed to reduce your workload to a minimum and give your clients complete satisfaction.

Easy and effective customization

Personalized service is key to effective property management. Condo Manager puts this principle into practice with customizable modules, functions, and document templates for invoices, service requests, instructions on procedures, payment files, etc. Every effort has been made to clarify your communications, simplify your tasks, and save as much of your valuable time as possible.

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