Ingenium and Condo Manager

managers striving to
make management a breeze.

Behind the outstanding power and simplicity of Condo Manager software
is an entire team of accounting and property
management specialists: Consultants Ingenium Inc.

Our team

Ingenium is foremost a team of experienced managers who have themselves been responsible for the administration of condominium corporations and associations.

With the collaboration of expert programmers in software design, they have developed perfectly adapted solutions to managers’ real needs. And for more than 25 years, they have continuously improved and enhanced their platform while maintaining its still unrivalled ease of use.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop cutting-edge software and custom services that will facilitate managing condominium corporations and lighten their managers’ workload.

Our history

Founded in 1990, Consultants Ingenium Inc. has ever since endeavoured to fully develop its custom solutions for property management, and is today one of the industry’s most innovative and experienced North American software designers.

Ingenium software, marketed under the name Condo Manager, has quickly become the standard for managers of small or large condominium properties, and even major real estate groups managing several dozen corporations. This continent-wide success has been achieved in a short time thanks to groundbreaking best practices and a constant client-oriented focus.

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