Partner module - MaxTV

You have the power to reach, engage and inform your owners and residents inside your elevators, lobbies, mail rooms, and parking levels.

Digital Notice Boards

Condo Manager's Newest partner MaxTV Media is the leader in condo communications across Canada, with over 500 condos benefiting daily from our digital communication screens. Our digital notice boards are installed inside elevators and commune areas, We rise the flag of excellence in our technology, enhancing and improving condo communication tools, join us today and take your condo to a new communication era. era.

Interactive Touchscreen Interface

Viewers can engage and take an active role in communication.

Eye Level Installation

Unignorable viewing angle that calls readership.

Multiple (unlimited) Notices

Simultaneous display of notices creates space for everything unsaid.

Custom Content Bar

Variety of content options to serve the residents (weather, news, sports, parecel information, classsified, social, and more....)

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