Building register module

Discover our easy-to-use
automated building register.

Your peace of mind is important. Simplify maintenance follow-ups,
meet insurers’ requirements, and ensure your property retains its value.
As a bonus, you’ll save on insurance costs!

The Building Register Module offers Condo Manager users some key benefits:
it keeps a history of past maintenance and automates preventive repairs, saves
you time with management tasks, reduces insurance premiums, minimizes errors
and omissions, provides complete information on buildings, and more. Whether
you’re a property manager, owner or condo corporation, this module meets
all your day-to-day needs and goes beyond your expectations!

Advantages of the Building Register Module

Advantages for associations

Allows for easier compliance with Bill 122 on permanent registers and RBQ regulations

Reduces corporation’s insurance costs

Meets insurance company requirements when negotiating new contracts

Advantages for owners

Increases units’ value. When consulted by a potential buyer or building inspector,
the register can prove a property has been well maintained

Reduces the risk of unplanned special contributions

Advantages for managers

Saves time and money with building management (easily save 2 hours per week per building)

Determines real maintenance costs of each building component and assesses whether cost increases and maintenance contracts are appropriate

Allows for easy maintenance and verification of building components

Simplifies keeping track of events, follow-ups and reminders

Reduces the need for discussion at annual meetings

Keeps errors and omissions to a minimum

Reduces stress and the risk of legal action

To learn more about Condo Manager’s Building Register Module, download the folder CM Building Register Module (PDF – 8.2 Mo).

The Building Register Module was developed in collaboration with

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