Condo Manager / Secure web portal

Clients get easy access.
You reduce stress!

Thanks to Condo Manager’s secure
web portal, your clients can easily
access information on line and avoid
having to call or email you.

Practical for condo owners, perfect for property managers! Our software features a secure web portal that offers a host of practical functions and useful information (account statements, corporation’s financial statements, etc.). Easy to update and accessible 24/7, this tool benefits everyone. And with fewer emails and phone calls to deal with, you’ll save precious time that can be spent more effectively. It’s a win-win!

Key advantages of the Condo Manager web portal for owners:

Improved service,
easier management

By offering owners a web portal with information accessible anytime and from anywhere, you reduce the number of requests for simple information via phone and email. You save time and simplify your day-to-day tasks.

A customizable portal provides
added value for everyone

Condo Manager can custom design the portal to your specifications and image: logo, colours and even the domain name can all be personalized. Your site will look very professional and improve your image with HOAs and corporations.

Secure content
for optimal data protection

To securely access the portal, owners all have their own user name and password. Furthermore, the site is encrypted with an SSL certificate to ensure personal information remains confidential.

Automated publication
for effortless communications

Condo Manager allows you to automate synchronization with our web servers. Configure the web publication assistant so it runs daily, and Condo Manager will send the latest information to the servers and make it available to owners.

Easier property management in one click.
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