Condo Manager,
evolving to meet your needs
for more than 25 years.

The Condo Manager solution was custom built to
simplify all aspects of property management. Over the years,
continuous improvements have been made to ensure our
software meets the real needs of all managers,
whether working for a small firm or a major real estate operation.


Custom-built management software that makes it all easier.

A few units, several properties or a whole consortium of companies – whatever you manage, there’s a version
of Condo Manager that will offer you the perfect combination of functions to suit your needs.

Condo Manager Live |

Our solution is accessible from anywhere at all times with a simple Internet connection. Ideal for light management with no IT to worry about.

Condo Manager Pro |

Our locally hosted platform can meet all the requirements of managing an unlimited number of units and corporations.

Key benefits for a small property management business

User-friendly interface, practical functions and optimized ergonomics for maximum simplicity in property management and accounting.

Automated invoicing functions to relieve managers of time-consuming tasks.

Time savings allow taking on more corporations – Condo Manager pays for itself.

Fast and efficient technical support team

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Key benefits for a major property management firm

More than 25 years of continuous improvement, optimization and updates for ultimate reliability.

State-of-the-art solution developed by experienced accountants and managers with practical experience in property management.

Numerous automated tasks (payments, invoices, reports, etc.) that allow employees to save time and allow the software to pay for itself.

With a computer or tablet, management team has optimal online access 24/7.

Accessible, efficient and proactive technical support team.

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A tried & tested platform with multiple user-friendly functions

Designed by experienced property managers, our software offers functions that are perfectly adapted to your daily tasks.
Powerful and practical, Condo Manager tools make your life easier by making you more effective.


Take advantage of the most advanced functions available
Completely integrated account management, accounts receivable/payable reports, multicorporation management, delinquent accounts tracking, and easy, automated bank reconciliation of an unlimited number of bank accounts.


Maximum efficiency, day in day out
Complete management of owner, unit and association profiles, follow-up on information regarding evaluations, global search of all corporations, more than 450 high-quality reports compatible with Word, Excel and PDF, one-click financial statements, etc.

Impress your clients at meetings
Design and print ballots (with or without bar codes), prepare meeting attendance listings, calculate quorum and vote results, archive minutes, and more.


Get your message across simply and efficiently
Send custom letters designed with a built-in word processor, automatically mail or email letters based on homeowner’s preference, store all documents in the recipient’s communication log, track notes from phone conversations, use the communications log to keep track of all your interactions, and more.

Building register

Optimal building maintenance
Maintain complete and precise data on corporation’s building assets, create an annual strategy and action plan with follow-ups, prepare contingency plans for emergency situations, monitor equipment maintenance, etc.

Easier property management in one click.
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