A complete online platform to sell, track and fulfill all types of realty document orders

Allrealtydocs is an online platform that enables property management companies to sell, track and fulfill all types of realty documents. From status certificates or resale documents to requests for core or non-core records, we bring together everything that’s required for you to manage your property listing, capture orders, accept payments and fulfill requests.

Allrealtydocs Features

Sell any realty documents

Our platform allows you to create and sell any types of realty documents at different levels of offerings. Whether it’s documents related to the resale of a property, a request for a core or non-core record or even request for an additional key fob, you can set up varying levels of pricing for standard, expedited or physical mailing services to meet all your customer demands.


Allrealtydocs automatically captures and tracks all customer orders from payment to fulfillment, giving you and your customers the visibility you need to manage and track each order every step of the way. No more digging into email inboxes, spreadsheets or paper notes.

Secure payment

We integrate with Stripe to provide a secure payment and payout process that is encrypted with 256-bit encryption used by millions of users worldwide

Status certificates / resale documents

Customize and capture additional information for status certificates or property resale document orders such as closing date, lawyer / notary, realtor and new owner contact information to facilitate the closing and transition process.

Request for records

Using the official forms and guidelines provided by the Condominium Authority of Ontario, Allrealtydocs enables you to capture requests, review, accept payment and fulfill core and non-core records with ease.

Property Management Made Simple

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