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In partnership with Usewalter, Condo Manager customers now have access to a FREE three month subscription to the Usewalter platform. Usewalter is a simplified condo management solution that will elevate your residents' living experience, while helping you streamline your day-to-day operations. To get you started, we will be offering FREE one-on-one training with the onboarding team!
Smart building integration.

The essential app for modern day living.

Through smart building technology, the Usewalter platform offers a host of services that will enhance your residents' living experience while simplifying your day-to-day operations. Designed as ‘the one app you can’t live without’, Usewalter enables efficient and cost-effective management of your building through the platform's communication tools, IOT device integration and smart package tracking system as well as an on-demand concierge function.

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Everything you need to manage your building in one place.

Usewalter makes it easy to stay organized by keeping track of all building related data such as residential units, parking spot assignments, access keys, remotes, locker locations and more. Use the CONDO MANAGER integration to sync all of your residents’ contact and billing information. By enabling a more consistent workflow, Usewalter can increase your building’s revenue and help keep your condo fees low.

Discover Usewalter

Offer a unique living experience for your residents.

The Usewalter platform will set your building apart by offering an elevated living experience for your residents. Through the mobile app, residents will be able to keep track of package deliveries, reserve and pay for building amenities, as well as book in-home services such as housekeeping and personal training. The app also allows residents to have a direct line of communication to the building employees.

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Communicate with ease.

Manage all your building communications through one centralized web-based platform. Whether you are looking to broadcast a memo to the entire building, create a work order for your staff or chat directly with a single resident, the platform's communication function offers a simple and consistent method of communication-saving you and your employees the hassle of a messy memo board!

Discover Usewalter

Usewalter Features

Centralized Building Communication

Keep residents informed in real-time with the resident notification systems. Property managers can broadcast a memo to the entire building or communicate with residents one-on-one through the chat system.

Monthly Calendar

The calendar will help provide visibility to scheduled maintenance as well as upcoming events in the building.

Reserve Building Amenities

This feature allows residents to book and pay for condo amenities in advance.

Rules & Regulations

Give your residents easy access to all building rules, regulations and legal forms.

Smart Package Management

Through the smart package management system, residents are automatically notified when a package has arrived at the front desk.

Store Files

This feature allows property managers to store and share building related documents.


Create a sense of community, by allowing residents to buy and sell items to other owners/tenants in the building.

Future Integration of IOT Devices

Integrate all of your smart devices into the Usewalter platform. Through the mobile application, residents will be able to open smart locks to access the building, storage, amenities and more.

Digital Concierge

Through the mobile app, residents can book in-home services such as housekeeping, drycleaning, personal training and more.

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