Condo Manager works with Walter.

Users of Walter's smart building technology can benefit from its seamless integration with Condo Manager.
Smart building integration.

Smart building technologies for your residents.

Developers and property managers using Walter can provide a superior and simpler living experience to their residents. For managers, Walter automatically alerts staff about events, and streamlines the flow of information between shifts, departments and systems.

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Walter Features

Smart Building Technology for Your Residents

Property managers using Walter can provide superior living experience to residents by offering smart building technology.

Increased Living Experience

Offer more services to residents with Walter. Residents can order on-demand and at-home services curated by the Walter team.

Keep Residents Informed

Keep residents informed in real-time with resident notification system. The mobile app allows them to be up-to-date on package deliveries, guests, key pickups and so on.

Package Tracking

Scanned packages are automatically tracked in the system, triggering a notification to the resident.

Property Management Made Simple

Easier property management in one click. Try it out with the free trial of Condo Manager.