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Partner Spotlight: Walter - Smart Building Technology


From time to time we, at Condo Manager will take the opportunity to highlight some of the awesome integrations and partnerships we have to further enhance your condo management and living experiences. This week, we would like to tell you all about Walter's smart building technology and how it can help your management and living experience in condos.

Property managers can offer a superior and simpler living experience to their residents via the Walter app. Walter's technology is not only is useful but is very timely as its features are quickly becoming essential needs in today's changing times amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Let's examine some of the ways by which the software ensures a safe condo living and managing experience.

  1. Simplified amenities reservation: Walter's amenity booking feature allows managers to provide access to amenities via a simple app-based booking system. This allows both residents and manager to avoid contact and the need to use pen and paper-based log books
  2. Virtual meetings: With the Walter app, managers can create and conduct virtual meetings directly from the app. This allows those involved to have to meet in person to conduct meetings. This is one of the best ways to stay safe during the pandemic.
  3. Instant and easy communication: The app also allows managers to communicate seamlessly and remotely with residents. A notable example would be notifications for package deliveries and keys. Instead of phone calls, post-it notes or in-person communication, the app simply notifies residents by push notification, text messaging, email, and voice messages.

Beyond the features on the app, Walter has curated on-demand services so that residents have easy and contact-less access to basic services for residents. Some the services offered via the app are:

  • Dry cleaning and laundry pick up;
  • House cleaning services;
  • Flower deliveries;
  • Dog sitting and dog walking services;
  • At home car detailing services;
  • On-demand handyman; and much more.

Given the new realities of condo living during and after Covid-19, features such as the ones provided by Walter are not only for convenience but have become necessary precautions that each community must now take to ensure the safety of its residents. We would be more than happy to talk to you about Walter or of any other way we can help to get you and your community through the pandemic. Please feel free to contact us.

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