Building register module

This optional module maintains a permanent building register.

Building Register

Comprehensive and accurate data on building assets:

  • Mechanical assets and lifts;
  • Swimming pool, SPA, sauna;
  • Hardware, plumbing;
  • Good interior and exterior furniture;
  • Water tower;
  • Facade;
  • Domestic water heaters;
  • Roofing - Parking, Fire system;
  • Etc.

Establishes and follows an annual strategy and action plan;

Define a plan for emergencies.

Follow-up of maintenance book

Define and track equipment checks;

Defines and monitors the maintenance of equipment;

Allows following the guarantees and contracts of maintenance of the equipment;

Allows keeping a history of the preventive maintenance and corrective actions brought to the assets of the building.

Advantages for the association

Decreases union insurance costs.

Insure that the value of the building is maintained

Advantages for co-owners

Increases the value of units. The register becomes a consultation document for a prospective buyer or his building inspector and, by the same token, a good sales tool for the seller that can show that the building is professionally held;

Reduces the risk of unplanned special contributions.

Benefits for managers

Save time and money in building;

Establishes the actual maintenance cost of each building component and assesses the appropriateness of cost increases and maintenance contracts;

Allows easy planning of maintenance and verification of building components

Facilitates traceability of events, follow-ups and raises;

Reduces discussion at annual meetings;

Reduces errors and omissions;

Reduced stress and risk of legal action.

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