Condo Manager Live

Condo Manager Live - The HOA / Condo Accounting and Management Software

The power and features of Condo Manager at your fingertips... anytime... anywhere!

Condo Manager LIVE gives you all the power and features of Condo Manager at your fingertips... anytime ... anywhere! Access Condo Manager LIVE from any PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet device. All you need is an Internet connection!

Condo Manager LIVE is the perfect solution for property managers who don't want to be tied down to a server. Condo Manager LIVE gives you total access to your software from anywhere in the world. Not only can property managers access data, they can also enter violations, issue work order service requests, and pull out full financial statements from their laptop or hand held device.

Condo Manager LIVE is an ideal solution for self-managed associations and management companies who do not want to maintain a server. Our company can host Condo Manager LIVE for your organization and take away the headaches and expenses of server maintenance.

Companies who already have a server in place can host LIVE on their own system without any additional hosting costs! Please be sure to speak with one of our representatives to learn more about available hosting options and plans.

Condo Manager Live - The HOA / Condo Accounting and Management Software

Main Features

Full Condo Manager access from anywhere you have an Internet connection;

No server hardware required;

Compatible with most PCs, laptops, tablets and computers, including iPad and Android devices;

Can also be hosted "in house" on your own server

Fully integrated accrual accounting and management software for HOA and condominium corporations;

Manage an unlimited number of units;

Complete owner, tenant, committee, vendor, unit and association profiles;

Invoice common charges or dues automatically;

Rapid accounts receivable management with lockbox processing, electronic payments or credit card payments;

Pay suppliers' invoices with direct deposit;

Print deposit slips directly from Condo Manager with no others needed;

Print checks directly from Condo Manager with MICR line and digital signature;

Easy AUTOMATIC bank reconciliation with an unlimited number of bank accounts;

Integrated word processor with automatic mail merging and 40 built in templates;

Email or print owners' statement with owners' preferences;

Customizable financial statements with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface;

Hypertext links in all screens enabling you to navigate among them like you do on the Web;

Full communication history for every homeowner and vendor including letters, emails, and phone calls;

Print payment coupons directly from Condo Manager or use the integrated exporting function to produce a file for an external printer;

Payable lockbox integration;

Annual meeting management module to print ballots with barcodes, meeting attendance listing and calculate quorum and vote results;

Over 400 high quality reports that can be exported to Excel ®, Word ® , PDF or sent by email.;

Multi-Corporation Processing for financials, reports, labels and searches;

And much more...

Included Modules

Work Orders & Service Requests Management;

Delinquent Accounts tracking and automatic NSF check processing;

Violation Tracking (CC&R) and Architectural Change Requests management;

Profitability analyser. Know which customers are really profitable;

Utility Billing;

Direct Payment Module;

Commercial Module. Manage commercial condo or your own management company books with Condo Manager.

Optional Modules

Email import module;

Automated tasks;

Cost Center Module. Distribute automatically the expenses accross different phases or buildings;

Multi-Division Module (multi funds statements);

Vacation Rental module. Rent vacation condo/home daily, weekly or monthly.

Additional Services

Website service that gives your associations a full website with homeowner and board member access;

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