Condo Manager is a true accrual accounting system with general ledger, receivables and payables integration. Here are some of the accounting features.

General Accounting

User customizable charts of accounts and fiscal year date

Re-usable Transaction Groups

Accounting periods can be closed, if desired

Easy Modifications and Reversals of Transactions (with a complete audit trails)

Specialized functions for the most common tasks

  • Regular assessment, special assessment and interest/ late fee calculations
  • Payment receipts and deposit slips
  • Supplier invoices and check printing
  • Bank fees, interest on investment and bank transfers
  • General transaction Wizard to help you enter rare non-automated transactions

Full Condo Manager access from anywhere you have an Internet connection;

Bank Reconciliation

Keep a check register for an unlimited number of bank accounts

Easily do the bank reconciliation with a specialized function

Enter bank fees and interest directly from the reconciliation screen if needed

Maintains a history of all your bank reconciliations


Use an Excel like grid to establish your annual budgets

Share the annual amount over the 12 months automatically or distribute it yourself in the months you wish

All totals and differences will be calculated as soon as amounts are recorded. Export the grid as an Excel spreadsheet if you want to do cash flow simulations

Print the following reports

  • Annual budgets - showing the total and along with all 12 months
  • Annual budgets compared to previous year budgets with the variation
  • Proposed budgets for the next year compared with the current year's results
  • Real results for the current 12 months (useful for building the budget for the next year)
  • Expense and revenue distribution pie charts

Benefit from several printing options

  • Print with or without the account numbers
  • Print using personalized criteria (formats and account consolidations)
  • Print in 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' mode
  • Insert page breaks where desired

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