The Association Profile in Condo Manager allows saving and consulting all crucial information about your association, such as its legal name, complete address and other information, e.g.

Starting and ending dates of the financial year

Frequency of the regular assessment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually)

Personalized format to be used for the association invoices and statements of accounts

Insurance contracts with due date automatically put in the To Do List

Attorneys information

Parameters for calculating the maintenance fees

Accounts to be used for several automatic functions so that you don't have to choose them each time

Parameters for late payments

Messages to be printed on statement of accounts

Direction to get to the association and instruction on how to get the entry code

All communications (letters, emails, phone calls, etc.) related to the association

You may also:

Attach or scan an unlimited number of files to the association profile (e.g. by laws, CC&R conventions)

Print an "On Call" form on a single sheet of paper with all the info that will be needed when on the property

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