Commercial Module

This module allows to integrating taxes management in Condo Manager

Use Condo Manager to manage commercial or partly commercial condominium corporations

Define the tax rate to be used by product and service.

Supports 2 taxes rates per item

Tax rates can be different in each province/state based on the customer/owner location

Produce a tax report summary to be used to fill government forms

Use Condo Manager to manage your own management company books

The commercial module allows management company to use Condo Manager to manage their own books;

Use only one accounting system for both your company and the condominium corporations;

Invoicing corporations in the management company books automatically creates payable invoices in the corporation accounting;

You can define specific sets of rights to restrict access for your company books.

Receivable Invoices

Produce regular invoice with taxes

Creating a receivable invoice for a corporation will automatically create a payable invoice in the corporation accounting

Charge taxes on common charges and other items

Charge taxes on utility billing

Charge taxes on work order invoices

Supplier Invoices

Enter supplier invoice with taxes

Recover taxes

  • If for a condo corporation, based on the percentage of the association that is commercial

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