Communication History

Condo Manager automatically keeps a history of all communications made with owners, tenants and suppliers

Every email and letter sent with Condo Manager is automatically included in the communication history

Add Phone Calls to the communication history

Phone calls with owners are easily included in the Communication History using Condo Manager "New Communication" screen. This screen allows you to

Record to whom the communication is related - the caller can be selected from any corporation

Record the purpose of the call, and enters notes for it in a free-format text zone

Save the duration of the call (an on-screen timer is there to help you) - this duration time is used in the Profitability Module' to evaluate time you spend managing this corporation

Accept a credit card payment directly from this screen

Create a service request or work order directly from this screen

Add a reminder in your "To Do" list, or to someone else's list directly from this screen

Print the message if needed

You can even use the Caller ID service from your phone company to automatically select the right owner when a call is received

Search in the Communication history

The communication history is searchable by owner's name, dates and account number

You can even search in several corporations at the same time

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