Financial Statements

Condo Manager financial statements are complete, highly customizable and great looking.

Balance Sheet

Produce a Balance Sheet on any date for any corporation

Personalize your financials the way you desire (See below)

Print them in colors or in black

Add a second column to show previous year data

Net Income Statement (Revenue & Expense Statement)

Produce for any period, even for the subsequent year if your current year is not yet closed

Personalize the format and consolidate the accounts as you desire (See below)

Print in color or in black

Produce Pie Chart for Expenses Distribution and Revenues if needed

Comparative Revenue & Expense Statement

Produce a report to compare the results with the budgets (monthly and year to date) with variation in $ or in %.

Trial Balance

Print this report at any date and as often as needed.

Printing Financial Statements altogether

Print your choice from all your financials with one click of the mouse, these can include :

  • Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Net Income Statement, Comparative Revenue & Expense Statement (compared with the budgets), Trial Balance. Budgets
  • List of all deposit slips
  • List of all checks, including if you wish the invoices paid with the checks and the expense accounts used for these invoices (with or without a copy of the real scanned invoice
  • Bank reconciliations for all your bank accounts or for only some of them (including the scanned bank statement itself)
  • List of all communications recorded - email or letters sent and phone calls.
  • Add automatically a personalized cover page with your logo, etc.

Send financial statements to your board members, or your anyone you choose, with one mouse click.

Documents are produced and sent in PDF format, and can be grouped together to have only one PDF file.

Personalized Arrangements (Formats) for your Financials

Build your own format designs:

  • Choose the columns you want - 6 columns allowed out of 10
  • Regroup the accounts the way you want with automatic consolidations
  • Build sub-groups at will and name them as you wish
  • Position the accounts and/or the groups in the order you prefer
  • Change the report title, add sub-title or page footer as needed
  • Modify the account names to be used only in the financials; this will not change their real names in your bookkeeping
  • Show or hide the account numbers
  • Unlimited number of personal layouts - build one for the general meeting, one for your accountant, and a different one for the board members, if needed

Available for:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Revenue & Expense Statement (Net Income Statement)
  • Comparative Revenue & Expense Statement as compared with budgets
  • Budgets

When printing, insert page breaks as needed.

Choose the detail level with big categories only or detailed listing.

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