Receivable Accounts

Condo Manager comes with a complete account receivable module allowing to:

Charge and Collect Maintenance Fees

Calculate and charge automatically maintenance fees and special assessments

Create invoices for sales of services or products, e.g. ownership acts; remote controls, etc. -Invoice can be personalized with your logo and colors

Collect rapidly and easily payments received by check, money, and lockbox or via direct debit (ACH)

Use a check scanner to speed up entering payments by check.

Print Payment Coupons

Print payment coupons that can be sent back to you with owner's payments

Option to print late payment fees on the payment coupons

Option to print OCR line on the coupons

Export coupons data to third party printers if needed (South Data, Bank-A-Count, BestBill...)

Print Statements of Accounts

Print or or email the statements for any period

Choose the format to be used - top or bottom stub, no stub, personalized

Exclude or include owners paying by pre-authorized electronic payments

Print only for accounts with a minimum balance

Exclude owners with accounts sent to an attorney

Allows producing a PDF file grouping all statements within the same file if you want your statements to be printed by another company.

Charge Interest and Late Fees

Calculate and charge automatically interests and/or penalties on late payments.

Use Invoicing Groups for recurrent charges

Select the accounts, define the amounts and descriptions to be used, e.g. TV cable, outdoor parking, etc. Process the groups as often as you want or attach them to the Regular Assessment so that they are processed automatically each time you execute the Regular Assessment. No need to launch it yourself... or even to think about it.

Manage Delinquent Accounts

Produce aging reports (30, 60, 90 days) - summary or detailed

Manage NSF checks easily with an automated function

Track bad payers using the Collection Follow-up module

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