Multi-Corporations Processing

Condo Manager allows you to search and print reports for several corporations at the same time.

Financial Statements production

Produce all the financials for all of your clients (corporations) with one click

Global Search

The "Global Search" function allows you to search for almost any field within Condo Manager - you can search Owners information, including occupants, parking, cars and pets; along with tenants, suppliers and even the general ledger.

Lock box processing

Process lockbox payment files containing payments for several corporations' data. We work with all banks. We can help you set up your import file so that the processing of your lockbox payments are quick, easy and always correct.

Regular assessment processing

Process all your regular assessment processing with one mouse click!


Run reports containing data from several associations:

Account listings

  • Assets, Liabilities, Capitals...
  • Aged Receivables (detailed or summary)
  • Aged Payables (details or summary)
  • Account Receivable Trend report

1099 and 1096 forms


Print labels accross multiple corporations

  • Directors
  • Owners, tenants
  • Aged Payables (details or summary)
  • Vendors

Work Order

Create a work order for any of your clients. This work order can be tracked and allows you to provide status updates to the Board of Directors.

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