Condo Manager allows you to save, and keep handy, all your owner information, such as:

Name, address, several telephone numbers

Email addresses

Alternative address to be used automatically during a specified period of the year

All occupants with or without handicap - needed for firemen and civil protection

Parking lots and vehicles that are authorized to be parked there

The amount of maintenance fees and other periodical charges

Details of the mortgage

Information on two persons for emergency purposes

Details of the information required for Pre-Authorized Payments

The way the account holder wants his correspondence - mail or email

The entrance code

The list of pets with breed, name, color, weight, license and license due date

Plus 10 personalized fields that you can name at your discretion

Free text zone to type any text you wish

You can also

Create a master account grouping all units still owned by the developer (Promoter) which enables you to send only one statement for all that owner's units

Attach/scan any file (as Word, Excel, Image, Contract, PDF files)

Access the account statement, CC&R, communications and ARCR history directly without exiting the screen

Have more than one owner per unit

Consult the history of previous owners

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