Utility Billing

This optional module allows calculating and charging owners for utilities, like electricity, water or gas consumption.

Setup Utility Type and let Condo Manager calculate and charge the appropriate amounts to every owner

Setup as many utility types as needed with the following options :

  • Flat charges
  • Fees per day or per period
  • Variable fees per level of consumption (one rate per level or rate of the highest level of consumption reached)
  • Variable fees without any level

Use your Ipad/tablet or small laptop to record the meter readings if you don't receive the information on a file

Export a file containing all your owners' names and a place to record the readings to be used on your tablet for data entry

Import the file back directly into Condo Manager

Import file from utility providers

Import files from utility providers so that you don't have to capture the information yourself

Produce and print/email automatically preformatted invoices for utilities

Keep a history of all utility billings with all details.

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