Violation Tracking Module

Architectural Change Request and CC&R Violation Tracking Module

This module allows you to enforce the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of your associations.

Define CC&R article by association including the following information:

Include the article number and text so it can be reproduced in the violation warning letters

What the owner should do to correct the situation

What steps the association will take to correct the situation, including the name of the action

The time interval that the owner has before the association takes the next step

Fees to be charged for this step, if any

Letter to be sent for this step, if any - our program has mail merge capabilitiesExample letter are provided with the software or you can create your own . You can also choose to modify one of the example letters using the Condo Manager word processor

You have the option of adding a reminder to be added in the "To Do" list for followup

Enter violations and track if they are corrected or not

Enter the following information in the violation file

  • Unit and owner related to the violation
  • Photos and other documents related to the violation
  • Unlimited notes
  • Condo Manager will print letters automatically, keep track of letters sent and which ones should be sent next
  • Condo Manager will automatically charge the fees, if any, defined by the user
  • Enter violations in batches to save time
  • Print Violations Tracking Reports Drive-Thru Inspection Report
  • Detailed or Summary CC&R Violations History
  • CC&R Inspection List

This module also allows to manage the Architectural Change Requests

Enter newly received requests

Enter request approbation or refusal with comments

Keep an history of requests received, approved and refuseds

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