Word Processor

Condo Manager includes a word processor with the following features:

Complete Word Processor Functionalities

WISIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) interface

Insert Tables, Images, bullets and numbered lists

Format paragraphs, choose font types and size, italic and bold, and color choice

Create and use Style

Automatic Data Merging

Send personalized letters to each owner, tenant, resident or supplier, automatically merging names and addresses - No need to use Excel or Word to perform a mail merge or a personalized letter with integrated fields

Insert database fields, names of the administrators or management company resource people with a single click

Use inserted fields to make calculations (e.g. Balance + New Charge = Next Month Amount)

Use one of the 40 Included Templates or Build your Own

Templates cover all the most common letters that you will need to send, e.g. welcome letters, CC&R violations letters, annual meeting letters...

All the templates are built so the address is printed to fit into a window envelope.

Print or Email Letters

Print letters or send them via Email

The program will handle the letters to be printed or sent by email based on the choice made by the owners (within their file) - You can also "always Print" or "Always Send by Email

All letters printed and emails sent are kept in the communication history.

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