Request and Work Orders Module

This optional Condo Manager module allows management of all your maintenance.

Service Requests

Record your service requests from owners, tenants or others

Select where the job will be done - in unit and/or in public area

Approve or refuse service request

Automatically send an acknowledgement to the owner upon service request approval

Tenders Management

Produce the quote requests and send them to one or several suppliers using already recorded information - no need to type it

Keeps history of quotes received

Work Orders

Create Work Orders from scratch or transform a service request into a work order

Once the supplier is selected, print the work order and send it by mail or email

Bill an owner or tenant if you want to charge back the cost

Transform the work order into a payable invoice

Attach any kind of files to any service request or work order, e.g. photos before and after the work, contracts, insurance policy, etc.

Service Requests and Work Orders History

Benefit from a history listing all service requests, quote requests and work orders

Produce inter-corporation reports on service requests or work orders

Extract or search the information based on several criteria

Assets Management and Maintenance

Manage your assets in relation with the Reserve Fund and the building maintenance book

Establish a list of tasks to be done to ensure an adequate follow-up of the main structural elements of the building and land, e.g. elevators, roof, windows, bricks, concrete slab, etc.

Define who is responsible for each task

Report automatically all new tasks to the To Do List

Manage warranties, insurance contracts and maintenance contracts for all elements.

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