Credit Card Payment Service

In association with Revo, this service allows your owners to pay their dues on line by credit cards (for our USA customers only).

Easy to get started

No software to install

No software to learn

Provide one simple URL to property owners or renters for payments.

Advantages for the management company

Reduce your workload! Revo is integrated with Condo Manager; payments are processed in Condo Manager automatically

Lower the number of paper checks you have to process

Give a better service to your owners by giving them a new payment option

Advantages for the HOA you manage

No cost to use credit cards or ACH/eChecks to collect owner payments

Faster access to their money

Reduce delinquency

Advantages for owners

Make online payments at any time! No more checks to write and mail!

Payments can be made by credit card or direct payment

Owners receive a confirmation of payments by Email

Owners can earn points on their credit cards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our credit card payment service