Web Backup


Don't get caught without your Condo Manager Data! Our Web Backup service provides you peace of mind.

Making data backups is essential and should be done on a regular basis. Computer hard disks may fail and are not always dependable. Corrupted data, bad disk sectors or erased files are common with computers. Think of the time and energy you have used to place your data in the files of Condo Manager - all that work would be a waste should your data get lost!

That's why we have developed a solution that will allow you to avoid the "what if" situation of lost data. The solution is our Web Backup Service. This low cost service allows the periodical backup of your data on our server which is saved twice on 2 other mass storage web sites for more security. Backups are done regularly based on your parameters. It could be daily or weekly and can be done automatically at a specific time. Even if your computers are burned, stolen or the hard drive failed, you data is safe and secure with the Condo Manager backup service.

Web Backup Service Advantages:

Allows Condo Manager users to save their corporations' data on our server

The web backup service is automatic, no additional steps are required

Safe and confidential backups of all your data

No technical skill needed - our program does it all!