Give a better service to your owners and be more productive at the same time

Using our service means that all owners have access to more information about their corporation and their own accounts at any time without having to contact your office. Thus, they get better service without having you intervene to give them information they need. This is a major time savings for both of you!

Personalize your Web site and create a closer relationship and better understanding between you and your customers

The Condo Manager Web site may display your own corporate logo, your colors and can even use your own domain name. Nobody consulting the Web site will ever know it is hosted by Condo Manager. It will be totally indistinguishable to your clients.

You don't have a web site yet? We can build one and host it for you!

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Owners' account statements on the Web

Reduces the number of calls from your owners and tenants to obtain this information from your employees

Increases the speed of the payment process

Suppliers, banks accounts, other receivables accounts statements on the Web

Consult online account statements (e.g. owners, suppliers, bank accounts, receivable accounts, etc.)

Makes all this information available to the directors of the board, the corporation's manager, and reduces the phone calls which would be required without the Web service.

Financial Statements on the Web

Making financial statements available or unavalible is your choice

Make them available

  • to your employees only
  • to your employees and the directors of the board only
  • Or to owners, directors of the board and your employees, reducing the phone calls or faxes to your office.

You can publish any document on the Web

Publish the ownership act or other similar documents and avoid useless phone calls or faxes about these documents

Profile information on the Web

All owners' profiles are accessible from the Web with a personalized password - Owners can see and correct their own profile information when needed - All modifications made by the owners automatically update your Condo Manager database

This makes keeping your files up to date easier than ever

CC&R Violations and Architectural Change Requests

Allows owners to send architectural change requests and report CC&R violations to the management team

Allows owners to see their CC&R Violation history (closed and opened violations) in their profile

Allows owners to see their Architectural Change Request history in their profile

Phone directory accessible to owners

Provides phone directory displaying resource people with their respective responsibilities - It gives directions to the appropriate resource person for all phone calls or direct interventions.

Complete phone directory accessible to the managers

Consult all profile information for owners, tenants, payables and receivables

It contains the complete data, e.g. phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, etc.

You benefit from a function permitting inter-corporation search.


Create surveys to get the opinions of the owners about any subject, e.g. paint color or budget usage, etc.

Each owner can vote one time on each survey>

Results are automatically graphed on a web page that can be accessed by every owner

You can add as many surveys as needed on the web site