Consult account statements whenever you want from anywhere.

They are available 24h/24, 365 days a year as far as you have a computer linked to Internet.

Consult your own profile information online

All information detained by your corporation in your profile is available. You can even modify what could be missing or erroneous if needed.

Consult your CC&R violations and Architectural change request history

Make Architectural Change Request from the web site

Pay your dues on line (USA customer only)

Make online payment at any time with Revo! No more checks to write and mail!.

Payment can be made by credit card or direct payment

You can make a one-time payment or schedule reccuring payments and avoid late fees

You will received a payment confirmation by email

Earn points on your credit card!

Download documents made available by your corporation

The directors of the board can publish on the Web site all documents they want you to be aware of. Most of the time, you will find there, the ownership act, the building or corporation by-laws, periodical bulletins, forms to fill out, etc.

Find phone numbers of resource people

The web site includes a phone and E-mail directory allowing to join immediately the right person for any question or problem related to the corporation.

An owner can, if he wishes, shares his address and phones numbers with other owners in the phone book.

Consult Internet sites useful for your community

The administrators could also make available different Internet links providing a better information for new owners, like local weather site, local newspapers, municipal services, etc.

CC&R Violations and Architectural Change Requests

Send architectural change requests and report CC&R violations to the management team.

Consult your architectural change requests history.

Pay your dues on line (USA customer only)

The corporation board can create surveys to get your opinion about any subject, e.g. paint color or budget usage,

Each owner can vote one time on each survey.

Results are automatically graphed on a web page that can be accessed by every owner.

You can add as many surveys as needed on the web site.