4 tips to save time on your accounts payable processes

Accounts payable (AP) is often seen as an annoyance, contributing an endless stream of tasks to your to-do list. However, done right, AP can be a strength and competitive differentiator for management companies. A strong AP function is a boon to your relationships with boards and vendors.

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Partner Spotlight: CondoWorks, Automated Accounts Payable

We at Condo Manager would like to highlight one of our latest integrations: CondoWorks

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Common Traits of the Best Condo Managers

What is the makeup of a great or even best property manager? What do these individuals have in common? In this post, we explore some common traits inherent in the best condo managers.

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The Ins and Outs of Renting Condo Parking Spaces

With parking spaces becoming increasingly valuable commodities, the market for renting them has grown to be of significance. If you are a condo owner or are looking for a parking space, what should you be aware of in terms of condo parking space rentals?

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Are There Enough Property Managers for Condos?

In this post, we explore the reasons why there have been a shortage of professional condo property managers and its impact on the industry as a whole.

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What Should You Do If Someone In Your Condo Gets Covid-19?

What should you do if you know someone in your condo building has contracted Covid-19? We explore some course of action that you may want to take in such a scenario.

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Partner Spotlight: MaxTV, Digital Notice Boards in Condos

In the latest Condo Manager Partner Spotlight, we present to you MaxTV. The company's mission is to increase and enhance condo communication between management and owners.

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