Lighten your workload - manage easier.

Manage all your corporations more efficiently. Condo Manager tracks and also generates useful reports for your day-to-day management tasks for all matters relating to the condo.
manager easier.

Powerful tools that simplify your daily tasks and increases productivity.

The Annual Meeting Management Module allows you to manage condo meetings with easy - an opportunity to impress your clients! This includes sending notices of meetings, design/print ballots, meeting attendance lists, quorum and vote collection and more.

Management Features

Owner, Unit and Corporation Profiles

Complete management of owner, unit and corporation profiles. Condo Manager allow you to save all owner and Association information.

Hypertext Linking Throughout Platform

Enables you to navigate through any data with ease like you do on the web.

Global Search Across Corporations

Be able to find the desire corporations very quickly.

Ballot Printing

The ability to print ballots with or without barcodes.

Quorum and Vote Calculator

Automatically count quorum and votes for speed and accuracy.

Minutes of Meetings Archive

A depositary or historical of all meetings taken place.

High-Quality Report Generator

Over 400 high-quality reports can be generated and also be exported to Excel, Word or PDF.

Financial Statements Printing

Easy printing of financial statements whenever needed.

Customizable Reports

Customize reports to your style or preference.

Labels and Envelope Printing

Allows easy access to printing of labels and envelopes.

Payment Coupon Printing

Makes it easy for managers to print payment coupons.

Multi-Corporation Processing

Multi-corporation management for the multi-tasker.

Automated Bank Reconciliation

Stay linked and up-to-date with banking.

Automated Tasks Module

Automate repetitive tasks to have Condo Manager do it for you instead.

A Tried and Tested Platform with User-Friendly Functions

Designed by experienced property managers, Condo Manager offers functions adapted to your daily tasks.

Industry-leading accounting functions for property managers

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Get your message across to owners easily and efficiently

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Building Register

Optimal and hassle-free building maintenance

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Property Management Made Simple

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