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4 of the Most Common Condo Service Requests

One of the most important responsibilities of a property manager of condos is to address service requests/work orders submitted by residents. The first step is to recognize what the common service requests are. We present to you four of the most common requests.

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5 Things Self-Managed Condos Should Be Mindful Of

There are many corporations that make the conscious decision to self-manage their condo rather than hire a property management company. That decision may come from various reasons: from having a lack of resources, to having board members with the time and expertise to manage condos, or simply because they have had a bad experience working with property management companies. Whatever the reason may be, there are many things that board members need to be mindful of when going ahead with the daunting task of managing condos without the help of a management company.

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How Does the Legalization of Cannabis Affect Condo Management?

How does the legalization of cannabis affect condo management and what should you look out for? As you consider the following questions, it needs to be noted that it is 100% legal for a corporation to ban marijuana smoking anywhere on the building's property and even inside the unit. But before resorting to such measures, what is important is to successfully find a balance between the new legislation and respecting the property and preferences of the owners and residents.

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5 Critical Qualities of a Good Condo Board Member

Becoming a condo board member is doing civic work. It is a very important position that helps dictate the enjoyment and safety of an entire community of individuals. The most thriving communities we have seen have always been led by responsible, compassionate and courteous individuals on the board.

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7 Qualities That Make an Exceptional Property Manager

At Condo Manager, we've had the opportunity to work with thousands of property managers during over 25 years working with condo management companies. In this journey, we have detected patterns in the property managers deemed exceptional and we're here to break down the 7 qualities that make a property manager superior.

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How and Why Condo Managers Need to Embrace Technology

A host of new technologies have impacted property management and will continue to do so, such as mobile technology, green technology, virtual and augmented reality, drones and business intelligence. In this post, we address cloud computing or in other words, software as a service (SaaS) as a first step in establishing a fundamental layer for efficiency and scale.

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6 Reasons Why Excel and Quickbooks Do Not Cut It in Condo Management

Anyone that has experience in condo management will tell you that it is a complex job and it goes far beyond merely financials. When it comes to overseeing an entire community, it is of paramount importance to have a system in place that have some key functions in place. Here are six reasons why you're best served by using a condo management software.

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