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6 Tips on Social Distancing in Condos

This week, we explore ways in which social distancing can be done in especially challenging quarters such as condos and apartment buildings.

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6 of the Most Common Faux Pas for Condo Managers to Avoid

With so much happening and so many people involved, it is often easy to stumble and make a mistake here and there. While we're all human and mistakes do happen, there are certain faux pas that should be avoided for a property manager to maintain standing as a good one. Here are 6 of the most common faux pas for condo managers to avoid.

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Condo Fees Demystified

What exactly factors into condo fees, what do you get for that monthly fee and why does it keep going up over time? In this post, we look to demystify some of the concepts surrounding condo fees.

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The Basics of Condo Bookkeeping/Accounting for Condo Boards

Whether you're a self-managed corporation or one that has hired a management company, it is always a good idea to understand the basics in order to ensure the well-being of your corporation. In this post, we cover the basics of bookkeeping and accounting for condos.

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4 Steps On Dealing With Conflicts Between Condo Residents

Reality is, in condo, conflicts and disputes are bound to arise at some point. These issues will arise for a myriad of different reasons. In this post, we list the most common sources of conflict between neighbours and four steps on how to deal with them for property managers and board members.

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6 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Property Management Company For Your Condo Corporation

Here is a list of 6 things to look out for when engaging a condo property management company.

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4 Things To Watch Out For During The Winter Months At Your Condo

Dealing with the cold, snow and slush is a tall task for all condos where the conditions during winter months are drastically different from any other season of the year. Ensuring that living conditions are smooth for the whole community during these months is mostly a responsibility of board members and also property managers. The following are four things to watch out for in order to best ensure residents do not experience the winter blues.

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