Convenient for co-owners, magical for managers.

Condo Manager offers your clients a secure web portal containing a host of features and practical information: account statements, corporation financial statements, etc. It is easy to edit and accessible 24/7. This tool will make them as happy as you! By reducing the receipt of emails and phone calls at your office, you will increase your efficiency. Magical !

Key Benefits


Real time access

Web site data is linked in real-time to your Condo Manager databases. No sync needed!


Owners each have their unique username and password.
Single sign on for multiple units even in different associations.
The site is encrypted with SSL certificate to ensure personal information remains confidential.

Mobile optimization

Based on mobile and responsive technology, the web application adapts to any screen or device size. The app is the same for all platforms. Applications are available on App store and Android Play Store.

While Labeling

Customize the app with your logo and colors.

Unlimited number of users/managers
Manager Dashboard

Show all pending requests, reservation requests and communications for one association or all of them.

Owner Dashboard

Show last transactions and balance, upcoming events and reservations and messages from the management.

Document Library

Share an unlimited number of documents and web links with your owners and residents. Define who can see which documents (board, owners, tenants & residents).

Financial statements

The financial statements produced by Condo Manager are also automatically added and archived each month.


Allows you to see at a glance the progress of income and expenses vs budgets with a clear and colorful graph.

Receivable and Payable listing

Board members can see who owes money to the association and the list of unpaid suppliers.

Bank Reconciliations

Board members can view monthly bank reconciliations and associated bank statements.


Owners can view frequently asked questions from their community. Managers and owners save time!


Record the various building regulations to make them available to owners with their date of adoption.

Owners, tenants, residents and supplier's directory

The board and managers can see all contact information for owners, tenants, board and suppliers. You can also create public contacts for the owners (e.g. Doorman, reception, etc.).

Owner's profile

Owners can view their file in Condo Manager and update information as needed (telephone, resource persons, vehicles, residents, pets, etc.). This modification is automatically updated in Condo Manager. Managers and board can also consult owner profiles.

Pet Registry
Homeowners Insurance

Owners can update their insurance file themselves and add a copy of their contract to it. Everything will of course be saved in Condo Manager.

Cars and parkings and lockers registry

Parking spaces for owners and tenants. Information on the vehicles that can be parked there (makes, model, plate, etc.) and the lockers they are using.

Amenity Booking

The owners can reserve the different common areas. You can limit the number of users at the same time in the common area, the opening hours, the number of reservations a user can make per period and a host of other rules for the specific needs of each community.

Amenity Sharing across multiple associations

The owners can reserve the different common areas, even if they are from different communities.

Service Request/work order management

Owners can create service requests from the app with pictures if desired. Requests and their photos are recorded directly in your Condo Manager databases. The owner will see the status of their request displayed in the application as it is processed.

Renovation/ACR request

Owners can create renovations requests (ACR). Customizable instructions are displayed in the requests screen along with the forms they need to fill out and attached to the request. The request is automatically created in Condo Manager with the status 'Pending processing'.

Infractions management

Managers and owners can report violations they witness. This automatically creates a violation in Condo Manager where you can address it.

Invoice to process

Use the app to enter supplier invoices. Get permission from the association manager to pay them.

Artificial intelligence

Let our artificial intelligence encode your supplier invoices for you. Simply drop the pdf of the invoice into the app and let the AI extract all the information for you!

Board approvals

Allows the board to view invoices and vendor submissions and, approve them or not.

Entire portfolio options in all screens

You can manage and process request, chats etc... All from one screen, no more switching from an association to another!

Global search

Search for somebody or something in all associations at the same time.

Residents Support

The support for your resident is included in condoweb. We will take care of helping your owners to subscribe and use the platform. We will also train your staff free of charge.

Complaints management

Ensure that each complaint is properly handled and resolved (optional menu)

Image galleries

You can easily create photo albums of your association or your events. The pictures can be downloaded by your residents.

Front Desk

Package tracking

Reception can automatically notify residents when a package is delivered to them. You can also require a signature from the resident upon receipt of the package (touch pad required, Ipad, Samsung tablet, etc.)

Entry instructions

Owner can give instructions on whom and when a person is allowed to enter his unit.

Search for vehicle/parking/names

Search for any data about vehicle and parking.


Emails and SMS

Send emails and/or SMS to individual, groups (owners, tenants, custom group)
You can use the canned email from Condo Manager too


Groups all incoming communications from your residents. Automatically links every communication to the correct owner and correct association.

Message board / Community News

Display messages for residents
You can choose to who to show the message and when.

AGA Proxy

Get quorum easily! Send annual general meeting invitation and automatically received proxy from owner who cannot be there.


Residents can chat with the management company get answers fast.

Multi-Questions Surveys

Get quick sense of what your residents thinks about any subject.

Community Calendar

Inform your residents of upcoming events in this calendar. Management can see events from all associations in the same screen if desired.

Classified Ads

Allows the residents to post ads for sale or for rent from other residents.

Communication History

Consult all communications including emails, SMS, chats, letters sent from the app and from Condo Manager.


The site can be used in English or French depending on the option desired by the user.

Suggestion box

Your residents can share their suggestions with you with condoweb.

Property Management Made Simple

Easier property management in one click. Try it out with a free trial of Condo Manager.

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